West bound, hammer down

The screw that delayed my departure from Virginia by 14 hours
Total miles: 551
Distance from Virginia house: 551
Miles to go: approximately 1879

There is a relief you feel when you finally start heading where you are supposed to go, one that pushes all fears and concerns aside as the miles slip by. I haven’t felt that relief in a long, long time, and as it came over me today I welcomed it wholeheartedly.

For ten years (insert Grosse Pointe Blank reference here) I have lived in Virginia, having come here to help a particular church ministry and finding employment with two different companies. I learned to shoot (and hit the target) here, grew my family here, and published my first two books here, but the time has come to go back home to Arizona. My son needs his family close, so we packed up the house into five boxes and a trailer and off we went.

Or at least, that’s what we planned to do, before the car decided to crap out with both battery and tire (the screw above screwed me for 14 hours, but kept me on a sane schedule; I just didn’t realize it at the time). But those were easy fixes, despite it being 5PM on a Sunday.

(On a sidenote, there is nothing quite like moving to inspire one to declutter life and get rid of the crap contained therein.)

So we’re in Nashville, waiting to start off tomorrow for Dallas to visit my wife’s family. Then a dash to Walter White’s house to pick up some research notes (kidding, that’s not the direction the story is going), then into Arizona.

My boss, God bless him, realized as a programmer I really can work anywhere, and decided to keep me around. So that need is filled, and the hours I will be keeping will allow me a lot more time to pour into the story of Scott Philipson and the world that is beginning to fall down around him. Which stories?

  • Scott’s story of the 20 years between the end of The Hand of Justice and the scenes at the beginnings of that volume’s chapters. This will become The Dragonslayers vol. 3: Descent Into Darkness.
  • Detective Royce’s story and the end of the story in Charlottesville, Virginia. This will be a Justice Delayed: A Dragonslayers Novella
  • A storyline in Arizona set during the DS3 timeline about a border militia, title to be decided.

I’m going to publish something this year, most likely Justice Delayed. But we’ll see: The Muse is nobody’s bitch, unless you make her yours.

And soon, I will have the time to make her mine.