We are no longer free

“This is a free country,” goes the popular protest.


Do you honestly believe we are at least as free as when you were growing up? Bull. Government at all levels takes more liberties with our liberties than they should, and everyone knows it. I believe it has gotten to the point where we cannot call ourselves a free country and remain honest with ourselves, our neighbors, or God. This post, which will be a regular Friday feature, will chronicle that honesty. There will be two sections, one chronicling the long train of abuses and usurpations (No Longer Free) and the other listing the throwing off of such Government and the provision of new Guards for said liberties (Fighting Back).

These are the stories that inform and inspire my take on Liberty Fiction. Keep an eye on this series and you might just see some familiar trends in my future writing.

No Longer Free

Fighting Back

Desire Liberty. Seek Freedom. Make Independence.