Character Interview: Scott Philipson

DRAGONSLAYERS 1 SPOILERS!!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!! Continuity geeks: this happens after the trial, but before that thing that happens. It’s non-canonical.

John Lillard*: Welcome to News in the Spotlight. I’m your host, John Lillard. Tonight’s guest joins us via telephone to talk about his recent acquittal on charges of selling drugs. Please welcome Scott Philipson.
Scott: It’s nice to be here, thanks.

Before we begin, Scott, let’s lay some groundwork for viewers who might not have heard your story. Where did you grow up?
Philadelphia. My dad was a Persian Gulf vet who worked as a handyman and my mom was a stay at home mom.
Any siblings?
No, just me.
Now your parents met a tragic end about a year ago…
Yeah, they were killed by a bunch of reckless cops.
The news reports mentioned an error on the part of the dispatcher, something about an incorrect house number?
I’m in the middle of a lawsuit against the city, but it is a matter of public record that the warrants were issued for a house down the street and they attacked my parents house instead. The two houses were numbers 2446 and 2464.
That must be heart wrenching to lose your parents like that. Do you have any hope of winning the case?
[extended pause]
Next question, please.
Eh, certainly. Now, you attend the University of Virginia, correct?
I’m between semesters. The lawsuit and having to provide for myself has drained me financially, so I’m saving up to return to school.
Yes, working in pizza delivery?
That’s correct.
Any side jobs?
The police accused you of selling drugs while delivering pizza, among other things. Any comment on that?
[pause] No, I said my peace during the trial, and the jury agreed with me.
What do you have to say, if anything, to the arresting officer, William Cavanaugh?
He ripped open my cheek when he arrested me. He shouldn’t have a career, let alone a job, but the Charlottesville Police Department keeps him employed. I think that says more to him and about him than I ever could.
He charged you with resisting arrest. He claims you were trying to escape.
Yeah, and there’s video evidence online that shows his partner pinning me to the ground, face down. The man’s a liar, but like I said, he keeps his job somehow.
Do you think your parents would approve of your actions?
[fidgeting, pause]Wherever they are, they know everything I did. I think they would approve of most of it.
Well, there are a few times I can think of in my childhood…
What do you think of the war on drugs?
It’s a mess. If it puts innocent people like me on trial, it needs to end. Most of the time people are charged with possession, and they haven’t actually hurt anyone. That doesn’t seem right. If they’ve hurt someone, sure, they need to go to jail, but it just seems like a very messed up thing. There’s a lot of people out there just looking for a way to get free of their pain, you know? Why would you want to hurt someone like that by throwing them in jail and ruining their life? Wouldn’t it be better to help them?
Are you religious? Do you believe in a higher power?
Um, maybe? I don’t know, at this point in my life. There was this one minister I was doing Bible studies with for a while, but –
Was that Alex Howard, the one who testified at your trial?
How do you feel about what he said?
No comment.
Do you have anything to say to him?
No comment.
What about his father-in-law, who also testified against you?
No comment.
Purple or green?
Uh, blue?
I’m more of a mauve myself.

* who bears more than a passing resemblance to J. Michael Straczynski.