American Seder, July 4th, 2017

The Feast of Freedom concludes our American Seder: it is the traditional American celebration, filled with food and fireworks and heritage to remember where we came from and why we left there.

  • We fly the 50-star flag, to remember our unity.
  • We drink coffee, to remember we are a new nation (and therefore need a new beverage).
  • We read the story of the Resurrection to remember our independence from sin and how it was won.
  • We read The Declaration of Independence, Draft and Adopted versions, to remember our birth
  • We watch The Patriot to remember the realities and hardships of war have a payoff.
  • We shoot off fireworks and the new classic American rifle, the AR-15, to celebrate the continuance of liberty.
  • We eat the feast of freedom: burgers, hot dogs, steaks, all manner of home-grown food and drinks, in family and community organized celebrations.
  • We drink whiskey with dinner, to remember we are a new nation.

Above all, throughout the celebration, remember you are Americans, and pass on what that means to the next generation.