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Announcing The Dragonslayers, Volume 2: The Hand of Justice

The Dragonslayers vol. 2: The Hand of Justice
Fear. Friendship. Fortitude. What will find Scott?

Scott Philipson fought the law, and the law fought back. Now he’s on the run – but with the police closing in, will those he left behind be able to find a cure for Colonel Reynolds before time runs out? Or will fear and government win out over freedom and individuals?

I’m pleased to announce that my new novel, The Dragonslayers, Volume 2: The Hand of Justice, is now available for sale in Kindle, Nook, and paperback editions. This volume continues right where The Dragonslayers, Volume 1 left off, with the police hot on the trail of Scott Philipson, following the death of Officer William Cavanaugh under mysterious circumstances. With Scott on the run, only his girlfriend Carley Hill and Doctor Olivia Romano can help Colonel Steven Reynolds deal with his pancreatic cancer. Can they heal him and discover a new frontier in medicine? Or will other, more nefarious forces prevail?

Free excerpt:

Call for editors: The Dragonslayers vol. 2

Gah, I know, I know. The last post (from the end of March) said DS2 was coming this spring. What can I say? I’m a programmer by training, you can trust our estimates about as far as you can throw us.
Well with your bad knee, Ed, you shouldn't throw anybody
Anyway, there was crap to cut, scenes to add, scenes to edit. There was trouble scheduling time to write, family health issues, family death issues, laziness, distraction, procrastination …
I don't give a shit.
Okay, okay, enough with the excuses. I blame Resistance, to use Steven Pressfield’s term. I knew that if I didn’t get this one out this year I would hate myself as a writer. Although some writers – I’m thinking of the Balph Eubank’s of today – would say writer’s block and non-production are good for my character, I prefer to think of what is good for the story and my readers, and that means that production must be accomplished. Therefore, I set a schedule and called my cover designer and sat down and banged it out.
Captain Picard clapping
And by “banged it out” I mean I’m down to my last dozen scenes, all short things that can be done before the editors get to those parts of the book.

So, want an easy job, since I’m better at grammar and spelling than the average American high school graduate? Want a free copy of the book? Be Ross to me.
Click the “Contact” link at the top of the site and let me know you’re interested.

EDIT 2015-11-11: Speaking of Balph Eubank …